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Alliance Study has been creating programs tailored to meet the complex and challenging requirements of corporate firms to meet their learning requirements and demands of people actively engaged in the workforce. We have been supporting organizations with innovative education solutions that help them fortify their employees and meet strategic business goals. Our partners include a wide array of companies across all industries and segments worldwide.

Our onsite programs are flexible, strategic and cost effective. Training can be done at our classrooms or at your company premises. The agenda is tailored to meet your specific workforce development needs and business goals.

Competitive Gains

  • Customized for your needs: The programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your workforce across the enterprise.
  • Helps you stay relevant: The course curriculum is dynamic and helps you meet the skill requirements needed in the industry.
  • Expert Instructors: Our faculty consists of leading experts in their areas of specialization and seasoned professionals from both industry and academia.

Core Benefits

We provide flexible planning alternatives to our corporate clients for training programs.
This includes:

  • Classroom - Courses can be conducted at Alliance Study locations or client premises
  • Onsite – Our faculty conducts programs at your corporate location
  • Online - Employees can learn via our online courses to manage their work schedules
  • Offsite - Training programs are delivered at a convenient offsite location.

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