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A Business Case Writing course in Doha can provide great value to anyone who wishes to prepare a written business plan that outlines the rationale for undertaking a business project. This skills-intensive course is perfect for business analysts, product managers, product planners, marketing managers, directors and corporate officers who want to develop a clear business case for decision making. It is useful in creating and presenting budgets, business plans and project recommendations, and is usually presented at the initiative level as a way to secure funding and commitment.

AllianceStudy is a world-class Training Institute based in Doha with courses delivered by highly qualified and experienced trainers. We offer Business Case Writing Training that packs in all the information you will need to create well-crafted business cases that are compelling and persuasive. Learn the characteristics and elements of a Business case, and get tips and techniques to write a successful business case. A well written Business plan will have a clear definition of the project, requirements, an analysis of potential problems and clear-cut solutions to these challenges. It will lay out all expenditure and advantages of alternative solutions.

Move forward in your career with confidence, and learn to present your business case to your advantage by attending Business Writing Classes in Doha from AllianceStudy.

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  •  One day classroom training
  •  Industry expert and qualified trainers
  •  8 PDUs/8CDUs certificate awarded
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Rupali Javery, Deputy Manager @Philips Electronics India

2 Months ago
FM using excel training met my objective which I can apply to my current job.

Ranu Jain, Nutan Design Mart

2 Months ago
People who want to learn are; are getting everything what they want from "Alliance Study".

Prashant Verma, Manager at Siemens

2 Months ago
"The course content and delivery of the training was good, as trainer has good command on the subject."

Shuchi Sablania, Manager Business Analyst at Fidelity International

2 Months ago
One stop for everything under the same roof

Rajesh Kannan, Development Manager TESCO

2 Months ago
Alliance Study, A good initiative & drive to implement agile across.
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